Duo Harpyn

Lois Bliss Herbine, Flute & Sophie Bruno Labiner, Harp

Flutist Lois Herbine and Harpist Sophie Bruno teamed up for the first time together thirty years ago for a performance of the Mozart flute and harp concerto with the Abington Chamber Orchestra. Noting how well they worked together, they started performing recitals on a number of local music series for appreciative audiences. Before long, they were also asked to perform weddings, synagogue, and church services.

Lois Herbine and Sophie Labiner, 1985 pubicity photo

Lois Herbine and Sophie Labiner, 1985 pubicity photo

Lois Bliss Herbine, Flute



Flutist Lois Herbine and Harpist Sophie Bruno are now Duo Harpyn.

Harpyn is an ancient French word meaning "player of the harp". It is also an original spelling for Herbine. Duo Harpyn can also be expanded to a trio with the addition of cello.






As the duo's popularity grew through the 1990s and the new millennium, Lois and Sophie were working for a number of Philadelphia contractors, providing entertainment in distinguished Philadelphia venues such as the Kimmel Center, The Union League, The Four Seasons Hotel and The Philadelphia Museum of Art. They have always strived to serve their clientele by tailoring the repertoire to each event and providing their music with the appropriate joy or solemnity. They are equally at home providing an elegant musical addition to a dinner party at a client's home as they are at playing a gala in the Academy of Music Ballroom.

Lois Herbine and Sophie Labiner, 2015

Lois Herbine and Sophie Labiner, 2015

With the increase of Internet shopping for services, the duo can now connect directly with a client, avoiding the additional charges of a booking agent, contractor and/ or subcontractor. This savings is passed on directly to our customers. Pricing is a click away; do contact us!



The "contributions by Lois Bliss Herbine and Sophie Bruno Labiner are models of color-driven expression." 
- David Patrick Stearns, The Philadelphia Inquirer (DTR Illuminations record review, 3.5 out of 4 stars)